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Catch the Light for Intelligent Design


Intelligent Design Book Frank Turek





In Catch the Light, evidence for Intelligent Design is taught through role-play reading similar to the format of a theatrical play. In this fun and entertaining fictional story, an atheist becomes engaged in a conversation about the origin of the universe with a variety of people as they come and go in a coffee shop. As many of the common arguments for and against Intelligent Design are discussed, the atheist is both figuratively and literally enlightened as he learns about the vast amount of evidence for the existence of a Divine Creator. With each new bit of information, he catches a glimpse of light (evidenced by the white spots appearing on his black shirt throughout the story). With a delightful whispering narrator and contemporary and amusing dialogue, this story is fun and interesting for multiple readers to read aloud and makes for an inspiring and engaging performance. 

Written in collaboration with Dr. Frank Turek, author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, this book is published by Roleplay Reader, Inc. in the patented Playbook® format with color-coded dialogue which makes it easier for role-play reading. It can be purchased online here.

Intelligent Design Frank Turek   This story is also available as an Audio Play in .mp3 format. It is approximately 1 hour long and performed by professional voice actors. It can be purchased and downloaded here.




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