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Social Interactive Reading


Roleplay Reader™ is a social interactive reading activity in which children participate in conversational dialogue with their peers and families as they read a story! Making reading into a social activity ensures that children will be interested and better able to improve their fluency and comprehension, and absorb the story lessons. With a social barometer giving feedback on their performance, they will be motivated to practice reading the story again and again to become more confident reading with their peers!

Social interactive reading is especially essential to engaging middle schoolers. It can often be a challenge to engage older kids in educational reading, but Roleplay Reader™ has the characteristics to overcome this issue. Researchers quoted one middle school student: “Reading is OK. I don’t usually read a lot because I like to skateboard, listen to music, and talk to people. I like social things and reading is not very social” (Perrone 2001). Roleplay Reader™ allows readers to laugh and interact with other people, and can show them how reading can be social and fun.


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